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There are a few variations to the Buddhist Funeral Services since the religion consists of multiple teachings. However, it all boils down to the belief in reincarnation that reunites all Buddhists.

Also known as “Samsara”, Buddhists believe that the accumulated karma of an individual’s lifetime will determine his/her rebirth. Accumulated good deeds from a lifetime based on the Eightfold path, will ensure enlightenment for future rebirth while bad doings have adverse effects.

What is the Buddhist Customs?

Buddhists believe in Karma and its consequences on reincarnation. Death marks the beginning of a new round of rebirth, determined by the quantity and quality of karma that are accumulated during the lifetime of the deceased. In accordance with Buddhist beliefs, the body is first bathed and clothed to prepare the body for the funeral, which is meant to be simple, dignified, and a solemn expression of bereavement.

Buddhist funerals are held accordingly to Buddhist funeral rites with chanting led by monks to assist the deceased in transitioning more smoothly into the next life. Having a proper funeral send-off and performing funeral activities are beyond a display of filial piety or a final meaningful act of love; it is when the bereaved family is also able to cherish a peaceful closure and aid the deceased in their afterlife journey. This funeral ceremony also serves as a good reminder to all in the present, of life’s transient nature.

We understand that families may be overwhelmed with the loss of their loved one, as well as having to make decisions regarding the funeral. With that in mind, we endeavor to guide families through this difficult period of time with a gentle hand and are available 24/7.

Our company will organize the entire funeral to the wishes and likings of family members, including liaising with suppliers and providing transport services from the funeral parlor or the venue where the wake is held to the crematorium. With our experienced funeral directors on site, families can feel at ease, knowing that their loved one has been treated with dignity and respect.

Buddhist Funeral traditions and rituals are largely centered on the belief in reincarnation. It is generally believed that death marks the phase for a new beginning, a rebirth that is determined by the quality and quantity of karma that was accumulated during the deceased’s lifetime. Another focal concept of the Buddhist belief is the transient nature of things. We understand the importance of helping families provide their loved ones with a dignified and meaningful sendoff and aid the deceased in transcending into the next life. Our funeral advisors are armed with years of experience and knowledge to advise and carry out funeral arrangements in accordance with Buddhist Funeral customs and traditions.

We understand that every funeral is different and unique for each person. Our supportive team takes great pride in offering a professional service with care and sensitivity especially when family members are confronted with the death of a loved one. We are knowledgeable in the area of funeral planning to deliver you a professionally managed funeral and arrange the best way to send off your loved one. Contact us to find out more about our Buddhist funeral package, where you can also talk to our professional staff to understand your funeral needs and solutions.

Dress Code & Etiquette

According to Chinese Culture, Buddhist mourners are usually required to wear white plain clothes to the Buddhist Funeral Arrangement. White color represents purity and respect for the deceased. The color symbolizes mourning and bereavement. While families are advised to wear white, friends can dress in black.

Upon arriving at the funeral wake, perform the right Buddhist Funeral Etiquette by proceeding quietly and elegantly to the altar. Mourners pay their respect with a slight bow with palms clamped together in a praying position and offer a joss stick to the altar if possible. After paying respect, find a seat and wait for the ritual to commence.

Though optional, visitors can also make monetary contributions, known as “Pek Kim” (白金) as a kind gesture to relieve the funeral arrangement expenses.

How long should the Buddhist Funeral last?

The Buddhist funeral should last for at least three days. Three days because Buddhists believe that it is a peaceful moment for their loved ones to transition from life to death, performed by practicing proper Funeral rites and customs. However, funerals are commonly preferred to be longer, up to 5 days or 7 days.

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